Best Children's Vacation Products 1996: Award Winners

Colorable Kids-YOKO

Rainbow Village

Colorable Kids-YOKO
Creative Product
(ages 3-8 yrs.) $14.95
A clever, educational toy depicts the costume of many countries. The drawing is outlined on cotton and filled with durable stuffing. The doll can be colored, washed and recolored. Yoko, the Japanese girl, is dressed in traditional kimono. There are ten other dolls to choose from including Hopi Indian, Inuit Indian, Northwest Indian , Scandinavian, Peruvian, Korean, Nigerian, Indian, and Hawaiian. The ten color pens that come with each doll wash out from the fabric easily in hot water. The doll would make a great project to take along on a trip. Each doll comes with a 14 page mini coloring book for more art to color in and more information about each country. The dolls are soft and travel well.

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