This section is for participating companies or companies that are interested in learning how to submit products for review.

Graphics for submission

should be camera-ready hardcopy, and/or, if available, digital files in TIFF , high quality JPEG (best for photos without text) , or GIF (photos with text) format, from 125 to 300 dpi. (the higher resolution the better) Web ready GIF files are also acceptable, preferably with a white default background color. Total file size should be under 1 Mb for each file, if possible. Use Macintosh or PC formatted high-density floppy diskettes.

Text Files

should be in plain ASCII, (best) or a common word processing format (Word or Word Perfect) You should also send the text to us via email.

Files should be submitted to the Institute for Childhood Resources, 268 Bush St., San Francisco, CA 94104. To expedite the process, an additional submission may be made via email enclosure to "", with a copy sent to "" Email submissions should be accompanied by a regular mail submission if possible. (We would like to have a hardcopy or disk record of each file used.)

Contest winners.

If you have won the 1996 100 Best Children's Products award from Dr. Toy, you can display the Dr. Toy logo on your web site and promotional materials. For this purpose the graphic and code to include it on your web page are provided here.(Use the "view source" feature of your browser to grab it.)

Top100 Toys Award 1996

Graphics for packaging/advertising

Several black and white media files are available for download

1996 100 Best Children's Products - GIF format
1996 100 Best Children's Products - TIF format
1996 Best Children's Vacation Products - GIF format
1996 Best Children's Vacation Products - TIF format

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