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Philips Media
Cybercrafts: Digital Lab

Cybercrafts: Digital Lab

High quality learning for older kids in this next installment of a series called Cybercrafts. This is hands-on learning at its best. The electronic components come to life to explain functions and roles. Animated 3-D characters help kids understand the fascinating world of digital electronics. Step-by-step instructions create 12 real-life digital circuits, including timer, light sequencer, random number generator and more. This package with a work bench provides more than a hundred digital components and creates real-life, hands-on circuits. Games included are called Binary Blowout, Digital Fortune Teller and there are other games to help children reinforce learning. Components such as resistor, capacitor and much more are introduced . Gadgets included are hand-held video games, digital satellites, and pagers. There are facts and fun in this great new technical learning experience for your budding multimedia expert.

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