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Uncle Milton Industries
Mobile Mania Arts and Crafts Kits

Mobile Mania Arts and Crafts Kits

A brand new series, Make a Mobile, allows children to create a moving masterpiece. Two or more mobiles are available in each kit. There are three versions: holographic, color and clip and black and white. With 24 themes, each set contains 8 stainless steel rods, nylon thread, connectors, dozens of pictures and patterns, marker set plus an assortment of 3-D diffraction glitter and other decorative items. The directions are clear. Topics include butterflies, sea creatures, enchanted castles, jungle animals, dolphins , whales and more. The mobile seems like a really fun, new addition to the realm of science and art. This company offers fantastic products in the realm of science, a classic series of ant farms, plus microscope and super geoscope.

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