Best Children's Vacation Products 1996: Award Winners

Color Quest Giant - Banner Kit

Strombecker/Tootsie Toy

Color Quest Giant - Banner Kit
Creative Product
(ages 6-12 yrs.) $9.99
800-944-TOYS (8679)
This kit includes a giant banner (6'3" long) plus stickers, markers, watercolors and a paint brush There are five themes in the series including under the sea, jungle safari, dinosaurs, enchanted castle and knights and dragons. Each banner can be colored in and decorated. Also in the series is an activity play set for younger children with a 3' play mat. These are creative experiences that have a lot of extra play value. They will be enjoyed by the child for a long time.

Mickey Mouse Spill Proof Bubble Rocket

Strombecker/Tootsie Toy

Mickey Mouse Spill Proof Bubble Rocket
(ages 3-7 yrs.) $4.99
800-944-TOYS (8697)
Take the world's favorite face and put it together with a 7" long spill proof bubble toy the results are your child will be entertained for many hours. The bubble solution stays inside Mickey's rocket and is designed so it is easy for kids to blow bubbles. This is an endlessly fun activity for the backyard or beach. The set is complete with a Mr. Bubbles bubble solution. This is America's oldest toy company dating back to 1876, and is the largest manufacture of bubble solution and bubble toys. A winner at a great price.

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