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Welcome to Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products Awards and Best Vacation Program, and a whole lot more!

We are delighted to share with you the results of many months of extensive research. We have traveled to every corner of the children's product world to ease your efforts in selecting the best gifts for children.

We present the very 'Best Active, Creative and Educational Products' available today, that are well designed, safe, and will enhance your child's development. We also provide extra tips about child development and choosing children's products.

Products from large and small companies are featured, all sharing one common goal: To provide children with the most interesting, practical and fun products. Products include toys, books, CD ROMs, computer software, board games, dolls, construction toys, transportation products, plush toys, puppets, creative props, science products, CDs, audio and video tapes, art supplies, kaleidoscopes, rubber stamps and very innovative educational products. Choosing the right product for a child is challenging. Dr. Toy makes the process easier and helps you make the best choices. Each child is unique, with different rates of growth and interests. Children benefit when products are given at the appropriate time in their development. They also need time to explore them.Children learn through play.They should not be rushed. Nor can a responsible adult be rushed into making a product selection. Children's products abound. There are over 300,000 toys and other children's products on the market, offering greater detail and more variety than ever before.

Dr. Toy's Best Children's Products Award Program provides important information to help parents select the right product for your child or for your classroom of children if you are a teacher.


Products are organized by age range (baby, toddler, preschool, primary grades and older child).


Products are arranged by company name for ease in locating a specific item. Products are also arranged by types such as arts & crafts, software, tapes, books, etc. Links are provided to the companies web sites for more information.


Products include price, type of product, a helpful detailed description, and a picture of the item.


To locate the product in your area, each company provides a customer service phone number to assist you in placing an order or to locate a nearby store that carries the item.

(Please be sure to let the company customer service person know that you learned about their award winning product in "Dr. Toy's Guide".)
If you live outside of the USA, use our handy information request form.

Dr. Toy wants to hear from you! Share your experiences finding the products and be sure to tell us how your child liked it. Please contact Dr. Toy with any questions, suggestions, comments you have about toys and children's products at the following address and phone numbers:

Write to:
e-mail to:
call us at- 1-800-551-8697 (TOYS), (415) 864-1169, or send a fax (510-540-0171).

Thank You for visiting Dr. Toy's Guide: and our unique Web Site!. Please take the time to browse and explore all of our interesting features. You can "hyperlink" to any of the other sections.You can print the information to take with you when you go shopping. We will be frequently updating information, news, resources and adding new links and connections for your follow up, so stay tuned! Dr. Toy hopes you and your family will take lots of time to play and have fun!

We want to be able to say "toy" in all languages in Dr. Toy's Guide. Please send us e-mail or fax with the way you say "Toy" in your language. Gracias! Dr. Toy wishes you and your family a great many playful and healthy days! Let's play!

P.S. Dr. Toy says, "Buy some fun toy, stuffed animal, or something that is just fun for yourself. Why not? Kids are not the only ones to enjoy toys and all the great new software, CD's, board games, video games, hobbies and crafts on the market, perfect for the whole family to enjoy together."

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