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Selected by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (Dr. Toy)

Welcome to Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products Awards
After reviewing hundreds of children's products this year to select the best for Dr. Toy's awards, I am struck by the expanded diversity and high quality of the new products. The toys, games and other items I select encourage skill building for all ages. It is gratifying to see increased interest on the part of toy companies to support the learning potential of young children.

Among the " Best Products "award winners are wonderful new software and CDs that provide well-paced electronic learning experiences; well-designed crafts and kits expand creativity; nature products encourage children's appreciation of the world around them; Innovative games and puzzles help them think and problem solve; creative videos and audiotapes help them exercise their imagination; plus many other products encourage verbal, artistic and musical skills. Several products were included to help children better understand disabilities, and to learn to communicate using sign language. Even newly designed soft toys have clever and practical extensions that help young children learn while having fun.

Dr. Toy's "100 Best Children's Products " help children to expand their communication, emotional and social development skills, plus their imagination.

Whether the child obtains an innovative set of rubber stamps or learns how to create his or her stamps on an electronic format, these " 100 Best Products " can be your child's passport to the new and exciting world of learning.There is a strong link between the child's imagination, learning, and the new technology of today. You will see many benefits using these products. So, stay tuned to Dr. Toy, and " Let's Play!"

Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. ('Dr. Toy')

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